ArtLab Galley

For more info about Mountain & Rivers Without End exhibition at the ArtLab gallery, please visit:


MRWE_07General view of the exhibition. In the middle, Esteban Ayala work ” Prospección 


MRWE_02Gu Xiong installation A Water of Gold  


MRWE_13Patrick Mahon installation ” Ascending and Descending: Water Works/Mountains “


MRWE_09In the background, Ulises Unda interactive video “Imaginary topographies “


MRWE_45In the foreground, Gautam Garoo drawing ” 3°42’48.5″S  79°36’48.8”W “


MRWE_53In the foreground, Jenny Jaramillo video-performance


MRWE_44Jenny Jaramillo series of 9 collages ” Tea five o’clock ” 


IMG_3790-smallerUlises Unda sound installation ” Sonic Exercises “


MRWE_37Detail, Gautam Garoo’s drawing ” 3°42’48.5″S  79°36’48.8”W “


MRWE_21Detail, Patrick Mahon installation Ascending and Descending: Water Works/Mountains “


MRWE_63Map of the mining region of Portovelo and Zaruma