Gautam Garoo

The works conceived for the Mountains and rivers without end project, draw upon the various acts and ritual corresponding to gold, its mining and the subsequent recycling. The Drawing title: 3°42’48.5″S  79°36’48.8”W and the video title: 3°42’48.5″S  79°36’48.8″W Portovelo, Ecuador examines the sacred nature of gold in India and the relation with gold mining in Ecuador. The drawing uses yellow earth pigment mined from the holding tanks of an old abandoned gold processing plant by the Amarillo (Yellow) River Portovelo, Ecuador. The lines of the drawing are indicative of a sacred mandala and weave on the two dimensional picture plane of the paper much like the tunnels of a gold mine. The lines are confined within the drawing plans of the temple complex at Angkor Wat, Cambodia surrounded by a water body of yellow pigment derived from turmeric roots. The video filmed at the holding tanks of the old abandoned gold processing plant by the Amarillo (Yellow) River Portovelo, Ecuador documents ants tunneling into the yellow clay sediment left over from previous human use. The Video titled 28°50’05.5”N  78°47’41.4″E Moradabad, India, documents the electronic waste recycling in India, here workers from the unorganized waste management sector can be seen washing and panning the burnt remains of PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) on the Ramganga River Moradabad, India.



Drawing, 3°42’48.5″S  79°36’48.8”W  Portovelo, Ecuador, 2015



Video, 3°42’48.5″S  79°36’48.8″W Portovelo, Ecuador, 2015



Video, 28°50’05.5”N  78°47’41.4″E Moradabad, India, 2015